Mental Health and the Mystic:

                         Let's have a word

“Tourette's teaches tolerance - as many other conditions can. It is a bridge to Zen. It is also Kintsugi and alchemy. Tourette's is the Heyoka of mental health conditions; a beautiful oxymoron.” D.Sumbler

“The worst thing about certain people knowing I have Tourette's, is now when I tell them to fuck off, they don't.” D.Sumbler

"The intolerance then twisting of truth is a large part of what is distorting this society. It stems from fear; a huge fear of the inner mirror. A deflection rather than a true reflection.

Truth is not subjective as is often said at present; only the perception of truth is - and the subjective version of truth is only played by those who cannot deal with being wrong. Beneath all that purposeful confusion, the truth always just is - as the truth and actuality of any event is never flawed; even though a person's version of it can be - deliberately or not.

Knowing this is imperative for clarity of mind and everybody's mental health - as clarity of mind is what we need more than ever right now; otherwise you are simply hiding from yourselves whilst shooting the brave and the naked." D.Sumbler

"Normal is actually a rarity now; the normals have become unique - and why? Because like mental health these days, it's cool to be crazy etc; in vogue - and that's partly why I am speaking out, so as not to be patronised by shallow pretenders who think being on the edge of insanity is romantic, when it certainly is not. They'd be lucky to survive an hour of it and get back home without a map.

It needs to get back to being properly recognised as serious business and treated as such; not contrived, otherwise we are not saving the real - but rather nurturing the entitled clones, while turning this deep earth into a shallow egg shell you dare not step on; consequently wasting time and resources on everyone who cries wolf for the sake of their own ego. It's a pretence - like rich hippies who live in a tent in the wilderness with a mobile phone and a mum full of money; helicopters a plenty. It's Jarvis Cocker's Common People.

Well let me tell you something: if most of those players had to live in a properly messed up mind for a day, they'd sneak back into their comfortable shoes in a heart beat with their get out of jail free card; and aren't they the lucky ones. No, mental health issues are not exclusive; yet the real ones aren't playing Monopoly." D.Sumbler

"There are protectors of mental health conditions through music, art and word - to rediscover the missing bridge that enables a breakdown to lead to enlightenment, then rebirth - rather than fall into the pit of darkness and despair. The ancients knew these ways and it is for us as a people to reclaim them for the good of all; as trouble within the soul should unite, not segregate - as we should run to each other's aid. So labelled or not - we are all affected by them in varying degrees at one time or another - and they must never define us. " D.Sumbler